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Good day to you folks I would like to start by introducing ourselves.

As the Civil War Sutler Run by Lisa & Geoff we have been re-enacting for well over twenty years, we live in deepest darkest Dorset in the U.K not far from Corfe Castle. Lisa started out re-enacting as a Vivandiere who were a daughter or wife of an officer in a regiment during the American civil war,  back in the 90s,  Geoff worked his way through the ranks in the infantry and eventually voted in as a lieutenant in the 28th Massachusetts, we have also spent time in the States as part of an artillery crew using 10 and 12 pounder cannons, as well as being involved as extras in film work in our time.

As living historians, we always had trouble in obtaining some of the equipment and the quirky items of stuff that makes a camp, so unless you travelled to the Americas and went to the sutlers it was going to be unobtainable especially in the early days before the internet really took off.

Lisa had started out by selling a few handmade shirts and sewing buttons on etc for soldiers as a Vivandiere did back in the day outside the A- frame tent in the street and later a large shelter half.

Around 2005 the Civil War Sutler was born and in 2012 we become Registered Firearms Dealers for section 1 &2, then we grew into what we are today, having made lots of contacts with historical collectors and museums in the states using originals to copy from making different uniforms and equipment, eventually suppling stage and film work like the C.W film Cooper Head, the BBC Little Women, Professor and the Madman as well as suppling Ardman studios and Indigo films in the U.S.S Constellation fight for freedom and many other productions I cannot think of.

For the most part this has been an exciting journey for us making friends and acquaintances all over the world, and as living historians we like to look beyond the gear as this comprises your impression and its good to have a knowledge how the equipment evolved and why.


Update 26 July 2022

Uniforms from 20 June to now are in production now,  Frontier Classics are still experiencing unprecedented demand but we are getting a lot of orders through from them, just a few items are still on back order with them.

Until the end of events, items listed as in stock on the website may be out of date until we can update after the end of this years events.

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