Knapsack Stuffers US & CS

Knapsack Stuffers for the soldier in American Civil War for either US or CS Troops, tooth brush, mirror, comb, chess set

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  • Classic Lions Head Smoking Pipe

    Reproduction 1800’s into early 1900’s era   14 cm

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  • Classic Southern Impression Smoking Pipe

    40 cm long Reproduction, has a carved bowl and comes in a lovely display box

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  • Confederate Bank Notes – 1

    Reproduction bank notes that we have copied from originals on good quality paper. Contains 1 x $50, 2 x $5, 2 x $10, 2 x $20 Limited availability

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  • Confederate Bank Notes – 2

    Reproduction bank notes that we have copied from originals on good quality paper. Contains 3 x $20, 2 x $10, 3 x $5 Limited availability

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  • Reproduction Smoking Pipe

    Limited stock reproduction pipe

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  • Rice Poke Bags Set of 5

    This set of 5 Rice, Ration Poke Bags come in different sizes, all cream cotton with cotton drawstrings. Great for hiding anything modern, coffee, sugar, cans, cutlery. Sizes are approximate 10×11 inches 9×11 inches 7×9 inches 7×7 inches 5×9 inches

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  • Sergeants Muster Call Book

    These handy size sergeants call books which will be good for 0 Groups before the battle and  Company information. Measuring 3 1/2 inches x 5 1/2 inches long. You will receive 2, one in black and one in beige.

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  • Soldiers Shaving Mirror

    Made out of Teak wood with a sliding cover containing an oval mirror Length 4.5 inches x 3 approximate Some examples of originals had a small loop hook mounted on the bottom to hang it up.

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  • Travelling Chess Backgammon and Checkers folding set

    Great for any camping impression with chess, blackgammon and checkers pieces all included, and folds in half, great knapsack stuffers. Size 24cm square. Limited numbers available

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  • Wooden Chess Set folding Knapsack Stuffer

    Wood folding Chess Board which contains the pieces, great Knapsack Stuffer 212mm x 210mm unfolded 210mm x 105mm x 28mm

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  • Wooden Comb

    Wooden Comb ideal for knapsack stuffers civil war era   91/2cm x 5 cm

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  • Wooden Toothbrush

    Tooth brush idea for Haversack stuffers

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  • Authentic Reproduction Pharo Playing Cards

    Originally made by the New York Card Company, Samuel Hart & Co around 1849. Early cards of this time did not have numbers until 1870.  Cards also had square corners in the early years, the King, Queen and Jacks had a full figure but  glossy coatings were not produced until around the 20th century. It was quite common

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  • Dominoes

    Presented in a wooden box with reproduction period label. Label is a copy from a NY Company who supplies Dominoes in the 1800/1900’s    

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  • Housewife

    Housewife contents contains:- Scissors Thimble Brass Button Paperback Tin Buttons Thread Patches Needles Contents may vary

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  • Cigar / Spectacle Case

    This cigar case can also be used as a reproduction eyewear case and possibly for lots of different things. Size 17 x 6 x 1 cm Contents not included. We are now using stainless steel for longevity.

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