Gun Cleaning Equipment

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  • 12g Wire Loop Cleaning Attachment

    This will fit the Rosewood Bisley Cleaning Rods

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  • 4 x 2 Cleaning Cloth

    Traditional 4 x 2 Cleaning Cloth. Sold in 1 Metre Lengths

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  • Adjustable Brass Powder Measure

    Solid brass, plunger is graded in 5 grain increments with thumb sew versatility between 5 and 120 grain.

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  • Black Powder Solvent

    This powerful cleaning black powder solvent removes black powder and priming salts without the use of vigorous scrubbing.  The powerful additives will help to keep you gun rust free.   16oz  

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  • Brass Cleaning Rods

    These cleaning rods are 35 inches long approximately and are to fit the 50 cal. attachments for the Sharpes Carbine/Rifle

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  • Phosphor Bronze Brush

    This will fit onto the end of the Rosewood Cleaning Rods. Phosphor Bronze Brush 12g will fit the .58 and .577 muskets  

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  • Gun Clean

    This Solvent will remove all traces of Nitro Powder and Metallic fowling, leaving a fine protective coating.  Ideal for Blank Firing Guns.   125ml Courier Only

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  • Gun Grease

    This grease is well suited for all  moving parts on Pistols &  Muskets and has a high low bearing characteristics for long lasting performance. Manufacturer may differ 50ml  

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  • Gun Oil

    A high quality light viscosity mineral oil with a powerful rust inhibitor additive and is especially suited for all moving parts on all types of guns especially black powder muskets.  Ideal for stopping the bore from rusting after cleaning   125ml

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  • Jag

    20g for a .58 and .577 Muskets, will fit onto the Rosewood Cleaning Rods. Made of Brass.        

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  • Mop

    This Mop will fit onto the end of the Rosewood Cleaning Rods.   Will fit the .58 and .577 Muskets.

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  • Mop 50 cal

    These will fit the brass cleaning rods and are 50 cal. Shares Carbine/Rifle.

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  • Nipple Prick

    Nipple Prick made of steel.

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  • Nipple Protector

    Copied from originals and the best reproductions available.

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  • Nipple Wrench

    Almost an exact copy of an original wrench. Musket Tool made of metal, has sliding out screw driver. Wrench will fit most Muskets and Carbines.

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  • Silicone Oil

    High Quality Silicone based gun oil designed to protect all the exterior of guns and accessories, works exceptionally well on wooden butts 150ml Courier Only

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  • T Bar

    T Bar made of metal will fit Civil War Nipple/Cones of most Muskets and Carbines  

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  • Winchester Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

    Winchester 51 Piece Gunsmith Screwdriver Set Includes Double injected form fitted case Custom TPR Molded Driver with Magnetic Tip 12 Flat Head Bits 8 Hex Bits 4 Phillips Bits 2 Extra Long Phillips Bits 7 Torx Bits 4 Robertson Bits 4 Tri-wing Bits 3 Clutch Bits 2 Spline Bits 3 Torq Bits one 1 inch

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  • Wire Brush 50 Cal

    These will fit the brass cleaning rods and are 50 cal. Shares Carbine/Rifle.

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  • Wooden Musket Cleaning Rods

    Wooden Rosewood Cleaning Rods. Keep your firearm clean with these good quality cleaning rods.

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