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  • Civil War Original Dug .58 cal Minie Ball

    Original Civil War .58 cal Minie Ball, from a reputable Civil War Relic Dealer in the USA, within a plastic case

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  • Civil War Relic Childs Marble and Thimble

    These are dug Relics collected from the USA from reputable Civil War Antique Dealers.

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  • Massachusetts State Button – Original

    Original Massachusetts State Militia Button purchased in the USA. Back has D Evans & Co Attleboro Mass and is approx 28mm across D Evans took over the bankrupt R & W Robinson company ca 1848. They continued to use many of the Robinson dies and backs well into the 1850’s and produced backmarks with their

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  • Original Civil War Artillery Militia Button

    This button with Ken Drick & Co and Superfine on the rear is an excellent example and the company was in production of these in the 1830’s – 1840’s Measures 22mm

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  • Original Green Glass Ink Bottle

    This very clean ink bottle has Wheaton NJ on the bottom, one one side it has an American Eagle and the other Daniel Websters Recorder INK – made by Waterman Salem Mass. Dimensions 2 1/2 inches tall 1 3/4 inches square.

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  • Original Massachusetts Staff Button

    This Original Button is approx 22mm and has the back marking Scovill Mg Co, Waterbury.   Waterbury founded in 1802 and in 1850 the  Company incorporates as Scovill Manufacturing Company to reflect the expansion into product lines such as brass lamps, munitions, fuses for artillery, some of the earliest cameras and plates as well as coin

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  • Original US Infantry Sack Coat Button – No 3

    This one has a dark patina and is a Horstmann back dating to 1860 and is 22mm

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  • Silver Dollar Original Dated 1888

    Original 1888 Silver Dollar in good condition contained in a round plastic coin holder.

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  • American Civil War Collection of First Day Covers

    A Collection 5 First Day Covers. 1861, 1863 Produced by the US Postal Service.  The largest one is commemorating the Blue and Gray ReUnion.  They are produced to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, the other one is commemorating Fort Sumpter stamped Harpers Ferry with a picture of Harpers ferry, the postal

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  • Apothecary Bottle – No 35

    This clean bottle has a stylised J S in a cartouche at the top front of the bottle and has Pat Jan 4 88, W T & Co USA on the bottom Stands approximately 5 inches in height and 2 1/5 inches wide. For Display Purposes Only.

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  • Apothocary Bottle – No 34

    This clear glass bottle has a few small air bubbles. Stands 6 1/2 inches tall and 2 inches wide approximately.

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  • Ballard Snow Bottle – No 29

    Ballard Snow Liniment Co St Louis, Mo. as marked on the front from the 1890’s. Stands 6 inches in height and 2 1/4 in width.  Has a few air bubbles within the glass and has an I within a diamond on the underneath. For Display Purposes Only

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  • Civil War 1861 Commemoration Folio – Reduced to go

    New Produced by the US Postal Service very collectable. This handsome tri-fold folio is the first in a series of five commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.  Folio provides an elegant way to collect and display the Civil War 1861 stamps, as well as the two official First Day of Issue cancellations. With

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  • Dr Pierce’s Quack Medicine Bottle – No 26

    This bottle has Dr Pierce’s Favourite Prescription on the front, Buffalo.N.Y on one side and R.V.Piece.M.D on the other side A quack patent medicine of the late 1800s and early 1900s. The product was widely promoted to treat “women’s conditions”. It stands just over 8 inches in height and 3 inches side.  Measurements approximate. The

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  • J B Badgley Bottle – No 31

    This 1800’s bottle has J B Badgley Druggist Middleburg N.Y on the front and stands 5 1/2 in height and 2 1/4 wide and has a few bubbles in the glass. For Display Purposes Only

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  • Original Indian Wars Cross Sabres

    Original Brass M1872 Indian Wars Enlisted Man’s Cross Sabres. These comes from a reputable dealer in the USA that had a collection of Indian Wars Artefacts sold to him from an Estate.  These sabres look like they have never been issued by the Quartermaster Stores, loops are intact on the back and are in excellent

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  • Original Springfield .69 Bayonet

    M1842 Springfield Bayonet.  Overall good attic condition with crisp US stamp with very slight twist in the neck.

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  • Sam Houston Texas First Day Cover Envelope

    Sam Houston, Produced to celebrate the Houston Rodeo dated February 19th 1994, Produced by the US Postal Service, Houston District, Limited Edition to 3000 Worldwide  

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  • The Civil War:1863 Commemorative Folio – further reduced to sell

    New,  Produced by the US Postal Service very collectable. The Third in a series, this extraordinary folio provides an elegant way to collect The Civil War;1863 stamps.  Details about the stamp designs are printed on the left panel, while a windowed right panel allows display of both sides of the stamp sheet.  Housed in the

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