CS Artillery

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  • Richmond Depot I Natural Jean Shell Jacket CS Artillery

    CS RD1 Natural Jean Shell Jacket with cotton lining.  

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  • Confederate Great Coat

    Enlisted Mans overcoat was made of grey wool with a short cape and 5 brass CS buttons down the front, and five down the cape. 2 Buttons on the back belt, half lined. These are now made out of 16 oz heavy weight wool. Please contact us if you require a size which is not

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  • Confederate Military Waistcoat or Vest

    Wool and cotton Military vests or waist coats were not regulation issue for the services, though many different types were worn by the men often made by sutlers or tailors. Documents show the men often chose the colours to be in keeping with their uniforms.

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  • Mens Under draws

    Cotton Mens Underdraws Please contact us if you require a size which is not listed.  

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  • NCO Confederate Artillery Trousers

    Made of grey 100% wool with a cotton lined waist band. Paperback tin buttons are used to hold the suspenders and also used on the fly. Comes with a pocket watch pocket in waistband as well as the usual side pockets. A Wool Strip down outside seam to denote rank. Corporal 1/2 inch strip Sergeant

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  • Oil Cloth Poncho

    This Poncho has been reproduced from historical documents and is a treated cotton and is water resistant. One size its all    

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  • Plain Leather Gauntlets – Black

    Soft Plain┬áBlack Leather Gauntlets Every cowhand needs a pair of gloves and every cavalry man needs a pair of gauntlets. . Available in Large  

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  • Poncho

    US Government Issue Rubberised fabric with brass eyelets. One size fits all. Sizes are approximate 48 inches wide 72 inches long  

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  • Shell Jacket CS Artillery

    CS Early War shell jacket, these jackets often reflected the militia image and probably saw service up to mid war. Made of 100% wool, ┬ábrass buttons and fully lined in cotton. Please contact us if you require a size which is not listed.  

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  • Trouser Braces/Suspenders

    1 1/2 inch wide Canvas and Leather suspenders, with adjustable sliders. Button holes already made to fit onto your trousers. These come in one size Braces were not issued by the Government and were private purchase  

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