M1874 Black Haversack Clothing Bag Type 2

Though this pattern was based on the 1874 model, a further modification was made by the fall of 1877 by Colonel Hagner as a cost cutting idea, that parts of the haversack could be replaced with cotton webbing instead of leather and replacing the inside ammo pouch button from a brass eagle to a tin button, in fact this had made a considerable saving to the Army Board

This haversack was thought to of been made for a very short time as part of experiments by the arsenals to waterproof the fabric between 1876-1877

A shoulder sling was also to be issued with the haversack called the Chambers Sling, alongside the leather Palmer and Brace for easy use by the enlisted men.

Made of black duck cotton canvas with natural colour canvas back and liner.  The bag has two large pockets and one small ammo pouch fastened by a tin button.  The front flap is fastened by two brass buckles and it has been stamped Rock Island Arsenal.

The sling is made of black duck cotton canvas with a large sliding buckle with leather strap ends to fasten it to the haversack.

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