Swords Sword Knots & Bayonnets

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  • Brass Bayonet Ferule

    Replacement ferule for the bottom of the Bayonet Scabbard

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  • Cavalry Sword Knot – Black Leather

    c1860 – 1906, Enlisted Leather Sword Knot with slide and leather tassle approximately 17 inches overall length Good Quality

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  • Confederate Junior Line Officer Sword

    This sword is very similar to the M1850 Union Officer Sword It has a pierced guard with CS within it, blade length is approx 33 inclues long and has etched floral design with CS within it. Comes with a steel scabbard. Due to the Offensive Weapons Bill, these have to be sent on a Age

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  • Enfield Bayonet Frog

    Enfield Bayonet Frog for the Enfield Scabbard. For the Enfield socket triangular bayonet to fit  

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  • Enfield Scabbard including Bayonet

    Socket Bayonet for the 3 Band Enfield complete with Leather and brass scabbard.  Fits most makes of Enfield Muskets. PLEASE NOTE DUE TO THE INTRODUCTION OF THE OFFENSIVE WEAPONS BILL, THESE ARE FACE TO FACE SALES ONLY WITHIN THE UK THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO OVERSEAS SALES  

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  • General Senior Officer Sword Knot

    General Senior Officer Sword Knot

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  • Sword Snaps

    Made of brass, comes as a pair    

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  • M1850 US Junior Foot Officers Sword

      This sword has a pierced floral brass guard and an acid etched glad with a leather scabbard prescribed to 1st & 2nd Lieutenant and Captain. A high quality reproduction of the original, and was in service until 1872   Must be over 18 to purchase.

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  • M1851 Cavalry Officer Sword Knot

    US Regulation 1851 sword knot was prescribed for Cavalry Officers until 1885, approx 18 inches in length   As pictured in the Schuyler, Hartley & Graham Catalogue of Civil War Military Goods at the time.

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  • M1860 US Cavalry Officer Sabre

    Though this sword was carried throughout the civil war years and in 1872 a new sword was brought in,  although officers preferred to carry this sword right through into the 1880’s Due to the Offensive Weapons Bill, these have to be sent on a Age Verification Service through Parcelforce.  These are sent on a Express24

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  • M1860 US Light Cavalry Sabre

    High Quality Reproduction of the Original. c1860-1906   This troopers sword is approximately 34 inches from the hilt, with a slight curved blade with armoury markings just below the hilt with a 1862 date. Comes with metal scabbard as per the original.   PLEASE NOTE UK CITIZENS MUST BE OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE AND

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  • Springfield Bayonet and Scabbard

    Springfield Socket Bayonet comes with leather and brass Scabbard.  Fits most makes of Springfield Muskets.  

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  • Sword Knot Long Acorn

    US Regulation General Line Officer Sword Knot, this is an exact copy of a sword knot illustrated in Schyler, Hartler & Graham Catalogue 1864 for regulation uniform.

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