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  • Cavalry Officer Shell Jacket

    Double Breasted Grey wool shell  jacket for an Officer made with heavy grey wool and cotton lined, with yellow wool facings.  This example does not have any insignia of rank, but these can be added.  Please ask when ordering. 100% Wool 100% Cotton Lining Yellow Wool Facings Brass Buttons 2 Button Working Cuff Arm Rank

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  • Confederate Officers Frock Coat with White Facings

    19 oz 100% wool Officer Frock Coat with White collar and cuff Facings. Double Breasted with Officer Brass Buttons. 100% Wool 100% Cotton White Wool Facings Working cuffs with 3 buttons Internal Slit Pocket Button on rear rails Tail Pockets Sleeve Rank Insignia Please choose rank when ordering If you do not see your size, please

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  • CS Cavalry Officers Double Breasted Frock Coat

    Heavy Grey and Yellow Woolen Frock Coat. Lined in Cotton with tail pockets and brass buttons. The colour of this frock coat is the same as the other officers grey, but the picture does not show the true colour. Made to order, if you do not see your size when ordering, please email us for

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  • CS Officer Trousers

    100% Grey Wool trousers with  buttons on waistband and fly. Wool Welt 1/8 inch down outside seam to denote officer rank, please choose branch of service when ordering If you require mule ear pockets please let us know, otherwise they will be standard pockets.

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  • CS Officers Double Breasted Shell Jacket with White Facings

    Heavy Grey and White Wool and fully cotton lined Shell Jacket, made with brass buttons. Please choose rank when ordering. If you do not see your size, please email us for a quote.  

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  • Frock Coat CS Officer

    Best Quality 19 oz Grey Wool. Fully lined. Double breasted with 14 CS Officer brass buttons, hand stitched button holes, with inside pocket. 4 CS Officer buttons on the back with working tail pockets. 3 buttons on each working cuff, please order rank when ordering. If you cannot see your size, please email us for

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  • Mens Under draws

    Cotton Mens Underdraws Please contact us if you require a size which is not listed.  

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  • Shell Jacket CS Officer

    Best Quality 19 oz Officer Double Breasted Shell Jacket, fully lined with CS Officers Brass Buttons. 14 brass buttons down the front with hand stitched buttons holes, with 3 buttons on the working cuff, please choose rank when ordering. If you do not see your size, please email us for a quote.  

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  • Trouser Braces/Suspenders

    1 1/2 inch wide Canvas and Leather suspenders, with adjustable sliders. Button holes already made to fit onto your trousers. These come in one size Braces were not issued by the Government and were private purchase  

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