US Cavalry

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  • Enlisted Mans US Double Seated Trousers

    Private Enlisted Mans Cavalry Trousers. These wool trousers come with tin buttons, pocket watch pocket, and inside leg measurement of 33 inches.  It is double seated in the same colour wool and has paper back tin buttons on the high waistband.   Please make sure measurements are accurate.  

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  • Mens Underdraws

    Cotton Mens Underdraws Please contact us if you require a size which is not listed.  

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  • NCO Union Cavalry Trousers 1861 – 1876 – Cavalry

    Enlisted mans infantry trousers were sky blue and were of a federal pattern.

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  • Union Military Waistcoat or Vest – 48 IN STOCK & ON SALE

    Wool and cotton Military vests or waist coats were not regulation issue for the services, though many different types were worn by the men often made by sutlers or tailors. Documents show the men often chose the colours to be in keeping with their uniforms.

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  • US Cavalry Shell Jacket

    The shell jacket found its origins during the dashing militia ere and when the Confederates broke away from the Union the government wasted no time to put them into production. The shell jacket was made as a fabric saving measure rather than its make or style and become the standard government issue during the civil war for the confederates. These jackets were made in many different styles and by different depots in the states

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  • US Enlisted Mounted Mans Great Coat

    Made of Sky Blue Wool with a long cape with 2 rows of 6 brass US Eagle buttons down the front double breasted and 12 buttons on the cape, 2 on the back belt. We do keep some of these in stock, but please treat your order, Made to Order

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  • Yellow Neckerchiefs

    In the 1850-60’s it had been noted that campaign soldiers in the west were wearing scarves as neckerchiefs to keep from breathing in the dust, or to keep the dust out from under their shirts.  Though the items was never brought up before the cavalry boards before the turn of the 1900’s Neckerchiefs not being

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