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  • CSA Bugle Insignia

    Made of solid brass with an authentic design pin on the back Delivery Information We have a large stock of items, but are not able to keep every size in every colour, rank, unit.  Therefore we make your order once received.  Delivery times for items to be made are 6 – 12 weeks.  If your

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  • Pioneer Lantern

    The body of this lantern is made out of brass,  with fold out handles on the rear it stands approx. 4 inches height and will take a candle or night/tea light. Warning unattended candles can cause fire Delivery Information We have a large stock of items, but are not able to keep every size in every

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  • Winchester 42 Piece Cleaning Kit

    Winchester 42 Piece Universal Gun Cleaning Kit for Rifles, Pistols and Shotguns Includes 3 Rods for Shotguns 3 Rods for Rifles/Pistols One Universal Handle 10 Wire brushes to fit 12 ga, 20 ga, 410 ga, .40 cal, .45 cal, .357/.38/9mm, .17 cal, .22 cal, .270/.280, .30 cal 6 Mops to fit 12 ga, 20 ga,

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  • Wyatt Earp Gun Grip Inlays

    Reproduction Wyatt Earp Gun Grip Inlays made out of Metal with the wording “Wyatt Earp Peacemaker from the grateful people of Dodge City Apr1878” A well engraved reproduction of the original, easy to fit    

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  • c1888 Anson Mills Tan Cartridge Belt 4th Pattern

    In 1887 the first canvas woven cartridge belt for the cartridges had sewn canvas bullet loops and a frame brass buckle and had come out of the Watervliet Arsenal NY in 1876.  Being the first cartridge belt approved by the US Military board to be issued to the Cavalry and Army and was more commonly

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  • Texas Ranger Gun Grip Inlays

    Made of White Metal Easy to fit    

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  • Pinkertons Detective Agency Badge – No 3

    Allan Pinkerton established his private detective agency in 1850. The company logo was an open eye and the motto “We Never Sleep.” These agents tracked criminals all over the country, including well known outlaws such as Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch, and Jesse James. Each high quality badge is crafted out of brass and

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  • M1861 Emergency Issue Blanket

    In 1861 the Federal Government could not keep up with the supply of the Regulation grey blanket being issued to the Federal troops so the Government contracted the Woolrich mill to produce what would be referred to as the “1861 Emergency Issue” Blanket. These blankets were cut straight from the roll and not hemmed as

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  • Miners Candlestick Comstock Mining Co Va

    Hand made wrought iron old style miners candlestick With brass plate Comstock Mining Co, Virginia, Nevada 10 inches long   Candle Not included, unattended candle can cause fires

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  • M1876-1884 Cavalry Trousers

    In March the Secretary of War approved and introduced a new style of trousers which was also approved by the troops in the field.  The trousers were to have a strap and buckle on the back finally eliminating the years of adjusting cord, but still retaining the V-Shape slit for comfort.  The pockets were to

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  • Campaign Chevron 1873-1884 Principal Musician

    Between 1860 and 1900 regulations stated that all chevrons were to be worn only on dress and fatigue coats only and never on shirt sleeves. Made out of wool and cotton, shades of yellow may vary

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  • Powwow Hawk

    This is a good copy of an Indian Plains Hawk made out of wood and steel although not tempered for throwing, bound in leather with with some fine feathers. It has been drilled, but not tested.

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