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  • Frontier Classics Appaloosa Shirt Brown Stripe

    This has a nice narrow placket which makes it a great Civil War period Shirt. 100% cotton. Made by Frontier Classics

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  • Texas Rangers Mills Cartridge Belt 45/70

    Frontier westerners were quick to adopt the various designs and calibers of the Military Mills Belt as in the 1880’s.  Mills belts had started to be commercially manufactured for the civilian market in a variety of different styles, by 1885 they were being sold by the military surplus supplier Benemann’s of New York.

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  • Pioneer Lantern

    The body of this lantern is made out of brass,  with fold out handles on the rear it stands approx. 4 inches height and will take a candle or night/tea light. Warning unattended candles can cause fire  

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  • Wyatt Earp Gun Grip Inlay

    Reproduction Wyatt Earp Gun Grip Inlay made out of Metal with the wording “Wyatt Earp Peacemaker from the grateful people of Dodge City Apr1878” A well engraved reproduction of the original, easy to fit    

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  • Texas Ranger Gun Grip Inlays – End of Line

    Made of White Metal Easy to fit Purchaser will receive 1 Inlay.    

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  • M1876-1884 Cavalry Trousers

    In March the Secretary of War approved and introduced a new style of trousers which was also approved by the troops in the field.  The trousers were to have a strap and buckle on the back finally eliminating the years of adjusting cord, but still retaining the V-Shape slit for comfort.  The pockets were to

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  • CS Paymaster Facsimile Notes

    Copied from Original examples. The pack contains 8 notes 2 x $2.00, 2 x $1.00, 2 x 25c, 2 x 15c

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  • Marshal Deadwood – No 16

    Each high quality Old West replica badge is crafted out of brass and steel. They are double-stamped then silver plated. Next, each Old West replica badge is individually hand finished for a unique antique look. Bar pin style back. Each badge is packaged in an old-fashioned style Kraft box. Size: approx. 1 3/4″ H

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  • Trade Pipe Tomahawk

    The North American Tomahawk  dates back to the fur trade of 1650 to around the 1870 though the Cherokee had adopted the pipe tomahawk around the 1750’s as it presented symbols of both war and peace. These tomahawk weapons were named after the English medieval pole-arm,  a close combat weapon around the 14th century and

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  • US Brothel Inspector Badge – No 1

    This badge is neither novelty nor joke! Brothel Inspector was an official office. No foolin’! This had to be the cushiest job this side of the Mississippi. Each high quality badge is crafted out of brass and steel. They are double-stamped then silver plated. Next, each Old West replica badge is individually hand finished for a

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  • Winchester Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

    Winchester 51 Piece Gunsmith Screwdriver Set Includes Double injected form fitted case Custom TPR Molded Driver with Magnetic Tip 12 Flat Head Bits 8 Hex Bits 4 Phillips Bits 2 Extra Long Phillips Bits 7 Torx Bits 4 Robertson Bits 4 Tri-wing Bits 3 Clutch Bits 2 Spline Bits 3 Torq Bits one 1 inch

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