US & CS Navy Uniforms

US & CS Navy Uniforms

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  • Original US Navy Officer Coat Button – No 1

    This 23mm Original Naval Officer Button has a Scovill Mfg Co Waterbury back mark and is in un dug condition, from a reputable collector in Fredericksburg. Becoming harder to find now.

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  • CS & US Marine Russion Knots

    For US marine Officers and later re adopted in 1863 by CS Marine Officers As illustrated in Schuyler, Hartley & Graham catalogue 1864   US Regulation for the Gold Knots were three rows on a red backing for Second and First Lieutenants and Captains.   Please state US or CS Officer Buttons when ordering.

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  • CS Marine Officer Frockcoat c1863

    On the outset of the war the CS Marines that had defected to the Confederates were still wearing their US Blue uniforms, though by late 1862 Officers were expected to purchase their own uniforms, this officer frock coat is based on 2nd Lt David G Raney Jr CSM The Regulation frock coat has 14 CS

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  • Enlisted CS Marine Frock Coat

    On the outset of war the CS marine Corps was around 600 enlisted men and officers which consisted of about ten companies throughout the war. Very little information survives today about the CS marines due to Federal forces burning Richmond in 1865. Early war marine uniforms were very dysfunctional until early 1862 when a more

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  • Enlisted CS Marine Kepi

    Enlisted CS Marine Kepi made of wool, leather and Block M Brass buttons Made to order

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  • Enlisted Marine Trousers

    Enlisted Mans US Marine Regulations state the Uniform Trousers, for both Officer and Enlisten men, shall, in cold weather, be of cloth, with french pockets (Mule Ear), made loose, to spread well over the boot. Marines were the only US Services to have Mule Ear Pockets on their trousers. Sergeant and 1st Sergeant did not

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  • Kepi US Marine

    Navy Blue US Marine Kepi with US Marine Corp Badge. Made with Navy Blue Wool, Waterbury Button Company Civil War Reproduction Brass buttons, leather peak and sweat band and cotton lining.  

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  • Kepi/Hat Insignia CS Navy

    Black Felt with Gold embroidered CS Navy Hat Insignia  

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  • Marine Fatigue Sack

    US Marine regulation states that all enlisted men on board sea-going vessels will wear a flannel fatigue sack, of dark indigo blue with five marine buttons open half way down the front with a turn down collar, the sack will extend between the hip and the knee Made of 100% Navy Blue Wool, with brass

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  • Marine White Cotton Trousers

    US & CS Enlisted and Officers Trousers.   US Marine Regulation states in warm weather (defined between 15 May and the 15 October, unless on tropical deployments), the uniform trousers for both Officers and Enlisted men shall be of white linen. Both the cloth and linen trousers shall be cut from the same pattern as

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  • Mens Underdraws

    Cotton Mens Underdraws Please contact us if you require a size which is not listed.  

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  • Navy Blue Sailors Shirt

    100% Navy Blue Sailors Shirt

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  • Sailors Hat

    Navy Blue Wool Sailors Hat.

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  • Sailors Shirt

    This all cotton shirt is a special order item and will be sent between 4 and 6 weeks from ordering.

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  • Sailors Shirt – Sale Size 38

    Cancelled order size 38. cancelled order. This all cotton shirt is a special order item and will be sent between 4 and 6 weeks from ordering.

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  • Trousers CS Marine Officer

    Made out of 100% wool with dark blue piping down outside seam to denote CS Marine Officer.   These were largely private purchase, as by 1863 CS Marine Officers were required to purchase their own uniform.  These would either been grey or blue for winter and white for  tropical weather and the same cut as US

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  • Trousers US Marine Officers Navy Blue

    Marine Regulations state Officers not serving in line with troops may wear Dark Blue trousers with a welt of scarlet cloth let into each outer seams, with mule ear pockets.   Made out of 100% Navy blue wool.

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  • U S Marines Frock Coat

    From the Federal 1858 Federal Pattern

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  • US Marine Belt Buckle

    Smooth Brass Marine Belt place C1831 to C1856 though they were extensively used throughout the Civil War and beyond.

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  • US Marine Officer & Senior NCO Trousers Sky Blue

    Marine Regulation state that Commissioned Officers serving with men shall wear Sky Blue Trousers with a 3/16 welt of scarlet wool sewn into the outer seam, with mule ear pockets. According to regulations only senior enlisted ranks (Sergeant Major and Quartermaster Sergeant ), wore the same 3/16 scarlet welt sewn into the outer seam.   Made out

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  • US Marine Officer Frock Coat

    US Regulation Junior Officer Frock Coat.  Regulation states double breasted dark blue frock coat with skirt with internal pockets.  US Marine buttons down the front, 3 small US Marine buttons on the working cuffs,  and 4 large US Marine buttons on the back above and below the tail pockets.  Shoulder boards are Russian Knots platted on a red

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  • US Marine Officer Kepi

        Officer Wool Kepi with a leather peak and chin strap, Brass Waterbury Marine Buttons and chin strap slider.  Cotton lining and leather sweat band.  With a US Marine Officer Insignia stitched on the front.

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  • US Navy 2 Piece Sword Belt Buckle c1850 – Full Wreath

    These are considered the best in buckles for authenticity.   The buckle has been sand cast in high quality brass, the patterns are formed from originals and the reproduction is an exact copy in every way.  If the original had some wear or small infraction it will be reflected in the reproduction and all are individually

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  • Waist Coat US Marine Officer

    Navy Blue 100% Wool waist coat fully lined in cotton, with 4 reproduced US Marine Buttons down the front and back adjustment buckle.   Made to order

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