US Navy & Marine Equipment

US Navy & Marine Equipment

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  • White Leather Waist belt

    White dyed leather waist belt with attached oblong paisley brass buckle and belt keeper 51 inch long, made from 4mm thick hide and is just under 2 inches in width

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  • Boswain or Bosun’s Pipe

    Silver Metal Pipe as used in Victorian times and right up to today. Royal Naval Quality

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  • Bowsuns Pipe Lanyard

    Bowsuns Lanyard to fit Bowsuns Pipe made of cord   Royal Navy Quality

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  • Canvas Kit Bag

    35 x 15 inches approx with brass eyelets.   Made of heavy duty canvas with 8 eyelets round the top and cord for fastening. Good for Navy Impressions or just as a storage bag for camp, will take a small A Frame or small Sargeants wall tent (8×10 with awning)

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  • Cap Pouch USN

    Black leather cap pouch with USN Cartouche.

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  • M1841 Naval Belt

    The high quality black leather belt was issued with the bottomless pistol frog, revolver cartridge box and boarding axe and carrier.   It does not have a buckle but is fastened by a hook as shown in the picture and is fully adjustable.

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  • M1841 Naval Pistol Accoutrement Belt

    Regulation M1841 Leather Accoutrement Belt   In 1841 the pistol accoutrement belt was issued to Sailors which contained a bottomless pistol frog and revolver cartridge box with USN stamped in the leather, also often issued with this belt was either a boarding axe or a cutlass

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  • M1862 Naval Musket Accoutrements Belt

    Leather Regulation CS & US Naval Musket Accoutrements Belt   In 1862 the Navy introduced a leather belt with a jappaned iron buckle for Captains of Guns and enlisted men of small arms The Naval Cartridge box as stamped with USN Cartouche, and has  internal tins.  

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  • M1862 Naval Musket Accoutrements Belt

    Black Leather belt for USN.   This belt was issued with the navy musket cartridge box and cap pouch. Issued to Captain of Guns, Gun crews for Howitzers and small arms for enlisted men.

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  • Naval Holster Left Handed

    Black Leather will take the Navy 1851 Colt, Army 1860 Colt and 1858 Remington New Model.

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  • US Marine/Napoleonic Cartridge Box Sling

    White Leather Marine Cross belt 2 inches wide, for the Cartridge Box

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  • US Marine/Napoleonic White Leather Bayonet Crossbelt

    Marine White Leather  Cross belt  2 inches wide, to use with a Bayonet  

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  • US Marine/Napoleonic White Leather Belt

    White Leather US Marine Belt.  These we make to 50 inches long.   Please see belt buckles for the US Marine Buckles.

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  • US Navy Musket Cartridge Box

    The Navy Cartridge Box  with a USN cartouche.   Made out of leather with internal cartridge tins with belt loops on the rear for sliding onto the belt.   Picture shows cartridge box open.

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  • USN Fuse Box

    Leather Fuse Box with internal tins.   Awaiting new stocks

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  • USN Pistol Cartridge Box

    Leather USN Cartridge Box, with internal tins and pouch. On the reverse there are belt loops to fit to you USN belt.

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