Italian WW2 Knife

I do not know a lot about this knife apart from being Italian and probably was knife given to the Italian Youth or Boys Army, those who were too young to sign up or be drafted during the war.

Only one seen or two before over the years both without scabbards

Overall in fair condition, the blade is 6.5 inches long and overall length 11 inches.  The blade is in fair condition with around 80% of chrome on one side and about 90% on the other.  The grip is made of wood and metal and gilt paint that has very little missing, one eye is missing from the eagle head-on one side, wooden grip part has small blemishes of the paint missing and a small u shape scar on  one side all off the wire binding intact.

Scabbard I do not think that this is the original scabbard made of think leather and the belt loop has become detached on one side with the toe becoming loose.

Crime Reduction Act applies to this item.

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