M1876-1884 NCO & Officer Cavalry Trousers – 50 Waist – Sale – No 29


These are overstock, so a bargain to be had size 50 with Officer Rank

In March the Secretary of War approved and introduced a new style of trousers which was also approved by the troops in the field.  The trousers were to have a strap and buckle on the back finally eliminating the years of adjusting cord, but still retaining the V-Shape slit for comfort.  The pockets were to be higher with a side watch pocket and the waist band had also been eliminated.

Trousers Strips

Trouser strips were issued to NCO’s to be worn along the seams of the trousers in conjunction with upper sleeve chevrons to identify his rank with his fatigue coat removed.

Officer 1 1/2 inch

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