Cochise County Sheriff – No 19

Cochise County Sheriff Badge story inside the box:

This type of badge was worn by Johnny Behan, the first sheriff of Cochise County. The famous shootout at the OK Corral took place during his term in 1881. Behan later became superintendent of the Yuma Territorial Prison.

The badge was nearly worn by Wyatt Earp, who Behan had promised to appoint as his deputy, but Behan later reneged on the deal. In the years to follow, there were several not so friendly encounters between the two men.

“Texas John” Slaughter became Sheriff of Cochise County in 1886. He wore a pearl-handled .44 and had a double barrel, 10-gauge, sawed off shotgun which he called an “equalizer.” He is credited with cleaning up Arizona Territory more than any other lawman.

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