Officers & NCO – M1877 Cavalry Non-Regulation Trousers

In design these trousers were the same pattern as the 1876 though in 1877 the QM department had noticed that uniforms tended to differ in companies in different posts.

Also in 1896 a 7th Cavalry Officer Mjr Godfrey described in a letter how troopers under Col. Custer strengthened their trousers by having the garrison tailor reinforcing the seat with white canvas

Trousers Strips

Trouser strips were issued to Officers & NCO’s to be worn along the seams of the trousers in conjunction with upper sleeve chevrons to identify his rank with his fatigue coat removed.

Corporal 1/2 inch

Sergeant 1 inch

Officer 1 1/2 inch

Made to Order

Price: £75.00