M1872 Officer Fatigue Blouse

The M1872 Cavalry and Army Officer Undress Blouse was to last right up until 1875/6 when it was replaced with a standard field blouse without braid, though the Officers were to carry on putting braid on the edges, this type of blouse was to return in 1892 with decorative back seams.

The undress field blouse was made of dark blue wool, with 5 thread herring bone loops down the front and five eagle buttons closing the front.  The sleeve has decorative braid loops with working cuffs and three buttons, the back has a braid following each seem on either side of the blouse.  The inside is lined with lack cotton with one slit pocket.  The blouse also has a braided slit on either side for the sword as it was made so the officer could wear his sword belt under the blouse in garrison and on the outside when on campaign.

I have seen a few original examples of this blouse and the braid varies in shape down the front, also the braiding on the sleeve did not seem to increase with the rank is it was required that the officer wore his rank on his shoulder.

Price: £150.00