M1874 Natural Haversack Clothing Bag Type 2

The type 2 was to begin production as early as 1875 under direction of the Watervliet Arsenal to use a natural coloured duck canvas.

In 1877 some modifications were made by Colonel Hagner as a cost cutting exercise that parts of the haversack could be replaced by cotton webbing instead of leather and replacing the inside brass eagle button with a tin button on the small pouch pocket, this had made a considerable saving to the Army Board.

A shoulder sling was to be issued with the haversack called the Chambers Sling making it easier to use.

The type 2 haversack small pouch pocket alongside the main pocket that could hold one carton of Spear 45/70 ammunition or more common probably held small personal items.

Made of natural duck cotton canvas with two large pockets and one small ammo pouch fastened by a tin button, the front flap is fastened by two brass buckles and it has been stamped Rock Island Arsenal

The sling is made of duck cotton canvas with a large steel sliding buckle with leather strap ends to fasten it to the haversack.

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