c1888 Anson Mills Tan Cartridge Belt 4th Pattern

In 1887 the first canvas woven cartridge belt for the cartridges had sewn canvas bullet loops and a frame brass buckle and had come out of the Watervliet Arsenal NY in 1876.  Being the first cartridge belt approved by the US Military board to be issued to the Cavalry and Army and was more commonly known as a Prairie Belt.  In 1880 the miles board contracted out to Anson Mills and between 1881 and 1890 a new belt plate was added to a similar style belt for the 45/70 cartridge.  Over the years five different variants were made.

The buckle was a brass stamped sheet with a raised US in a recessed oval and the reverse of the plate was marked, Ansom Mills. Pat. Feb1.1881 T.C. Orndorff Sole Manf. Worcester Mass U.S.A

Will fit up to a size 52, the bullet loop part of the belt is 30 inches.

All belts have a campaign look use.

45/70 Shells not included

Bullet loops may be tight on first use.

Price: £40.00

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