US Officer Kepi – Black Braid

By 1862 some Officers in the Federal army had realised the impracticality of Officers in the field with brightly coloured insignia that clearly identified them as an Officer thus making them a target for Confederate Sharpshooters,  so Officers would privately purchase Kepis with their rank in dark braid.  By 1863 other items are a stamped,  gilded brass circlet of 2″ with his rank worn on his Breast instead of shoulder boards and some even wore enlisted mans Cavalry greatcoat with his rank in a dark braid on the sleeve these were often confined to Junior officers of the line.

Navy Blue Wool Kepi with 2 lines of black braid to denote Captain rank.  This comes with a leather peak, leather sweatband and lined in cotton, with brass buttons.  The leather chin strap also has a brass adjuster.

Made to order

Price: £20.00