U.S M1851 Jefferson Brogan Bootee

The origins of this date back to the 1600s and the English Civil War

When foot soldiers used a rough side out being a brogan like shoe.

1801 Thomas Jefferson wore a modified ankle lace up brogan boot that eventually become a fashion.

In 1851 the army board adopted the new Jefferson Brogan bootie in accordance with the Q.M 1850 regulations these will be made rough side out and blackened, this continued until 1874 when the army board changed the name to shoe due to confusion when the Q.M put in a requisition for long boots.

The civil war soldier would often nick name the brogan gunboats or mudscows especially in wet weather, each soldier was issued a pair of brogans for $1.96, the average life span of a soldier issued with a pair of regulation boots was estimated to be 20 to 30 days so for a soldier marching about 10 miles a day on campaign a good pair of boots would make all the difference.

The word Bootie was an informal soldiers’ word for a high sided laced boot or shoe. This word seems to have been used as far back as the 1700s. 

Enlisted mans footwear or the Union and Confederate impressions.  These are also brought by many Napoleonic re-enactors

Made from leather rough side out with pegged soles and leather laces.

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                                  Brogan Care tips

Look after your brogans and they will last you a long time, when wet stuff with newspaper and dry slowly do not apply direct heat.

The leather will soften and form the shape of your foot for comfort, use a shoe oil to keep supple and keep clean with blacking.

Special Note: Do Not Put Your Feet to Close to the Camp Fire

You will bake and dry out the boots causing them to dry and split open.

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