M1860 .577 Enfield Cartridge Box with Tins & Sling

In 1859/60 the British army issued a new cartridge box for the infantry for the .577cal Enfield, musket these were issued to the British army with a white leather sling for infantry and black leather sling for riflemen.

Subsequently the agents for the Federal Government Schuyler, Hartley & Graham along with Isaac, Campbell & Company for the C.S Richmond Burao in England raced to purchase these in large numbers, though the C.S Government were to replace most of the leather slings with either canvas or tarred canvas as leather was at a premium and could be used for other equipment, later as the Federal blockade tightened blockade runners would load cut patterns of the Enfield box into there holds to reduce space and carry more though,  when reassembled these did not always conform to the original pattern.

Our Enfield cartridge box comes with leather sling and tin cartridge  box.

Loops on back to fit on waist belt if required.

External size of 7 inches x 3 1/4 inches x 4 inches, made from Black and white leather


Price: £45.00

Imported by the 1000 from England to both sides in the conflict.

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