M1857 U.S .58 Cal Rifle Cartridge Box with Tins and Sling

In the early 1840s into 1857 with the commissioning of the new .58 rifled muskets the old cartridge boxes were being updated by the U.S Arsenals as most cartridge boxes were the 1839 pattern that were the pattern used in the Mexican wars with the wood block inserts for the cartridges.

This box was often mistakenly called the 1855 as it was used with the M1855 musket that was the first U.S musket to use the new .58 minnie conical ball, this pattern was to become the M1861 with a few changes to the way it was made and was designed to hold 40 rounds.

The Civil War cartridge box with exception to the M1864 had been designed to use a brass led filled plate on the closing front flap, this helped keep the flap closed after taking a cartridge out.

This was to be one of many models of infantry cartridge boxes the U.S Ordnance department authorised during the civil war years.

Made from Leather containing two tins to hold the cartridges,comes with a  leather shoulder sling.

The box has loops on the back to attach to waist belt if required.

Available in black and dark brown and natural leather.

The Brass and lead filled cartridge box plate and the Union Eagle Breast Plate is available seperately

Price: £45.00