M1876 Cavalry Boot

In 1876 the new pattern cavalry boot was issued in the field taking place of the M1872 the 1876 pattern was to be made rought side out like its predecessor, it was made with a double brass screwed sole until complaints from the field complaining that some of the brass screws would work their way through the insole.

In 1875 troopers had requested to the Uniform Board for a taller boot and a larger leg or circumference of the boot as the M1872 made it difficult for the retention of the trouser leg and trousers were often worn outside of the boot causing them to ride up without trouser stirrups and ware to the inside leg.

The Uniform Board was to address the problems in 1876 with changes going back to the way boots had been made in the Civil War with a pegged sole.  The soft wax calf leather that had been used to make the M1872 was changed for a more durable black south american leather, these boots were not to be changed again until 1880

Our M1876 Cavalry Boot was copied from an original though we have seen a few variations of this boot in service at that time, made from a 2 piece rough side out leather and double half pegged soles and mule ear tabs that cut through the side of the boot, rather than sewn on.   The sizing had been adapted for the modern reenactor.

Price: £95.00