Confederate Brogans Bootee

Confederates taking over garrisons in the south used up whatever of the federal 1851 pat black brogans were left in the Q.M stores, before the Richmond Buro contracted out to leather makers.  

Soldiers in the confederacy were issued russet brown brogans or better known as sweet potato coloured boots, black brogans were also produced, both these were to follow the Federal 1851 pattern.

As the war progressed and the Union blockade took its grip, leather become short and large numbers of shoes and boots were imported from England though the soldier often went bare foot or took a pair from a dead soldier.

Enlisted mans footwear for Confederates often referred to as Mudscows or gunboats by the infantry.

Made from leather rough side out with pegged soles and leather laces. Colour shades may vary.

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              Brogan Care tips:

Look after your brogans and they will last you a long time, when wet stuff, with newspaper and dry slowly do not apply direct heat.

The leather will soften and form the shape of your foot for comfort, use a shoe oil to keep supple and keep clean with blacking.

SPECIAL Note: Do Not Put Your Feet to Close to the Camp Fire

You will bake and dry out the boots causing them to dry and split open.


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