U.S M1865 .52 Cal Sharps Cavalry Carbine Box

In January 1865 a new model of cavalry cartridge box was commissioned by the US Ordnance Dept, though it was probably in use as early as 1864, the new box was to be made much slimmer with metal tin insert that would hold 20 cartridges in the top of the tin and 20 rounds in the bottom of the tin, it has two belt loops on the back, there was no inner top flap to this box presumably for easy access to cartridges.

The new box had been made with the 1859 .52 cal Sharps model in mind but undoubtable this was used with the other some nine carbines in use with the federal cavalry.

 The sharps box lasted well into the Indian War period especially in the frontier outposts.

Please note Carbine and cartridge ammo box sold separately.

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