CS .58/.69 cal (Stamped CS) Contract Cartridge Box

Richmond Contract 40 round cartridge box was modelled on the U.S M1842 for the .69 Cal musket, the box is slightly larger than its U.S 1861 .58 counterpart this was made largely due the large numbers of different calibre muskets in use with larger cartridges that the C.S state made and imported from Europe.

When the war broke out cartridge boxes were seized that had been in U.S Arsenals mostly were of the Mexican war and militaria .69 Cal 1842 and 1839 type.

The Confederacy used a large number of contract makers one cartridge box being made of oil cloth fabric, as well as imports from Europe most Cartridge box slings were re purposed for other equipment and canvas or oil canvas replaced them, thousands of federal cartridge boxes were revamped for the cause.

Our box is made rough side out with one long tin insert that can take the .58 ball or the .69 cal ball, it can be warn on the belt or sling, the sling is made of canvas with leather ends for adjustment.

 Sold with shoulder sling.

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