CS Greatcoat Blockade Run British Import

The British army pattern greatcoat imported from England by S.Isaac, Campbell & Company was different to the Confederate regulation overcoat  as it followed the British Crimea pattern with a stand up style collar that could also be laid down with a fastening button on the collar, also it had two button holes at the front bottom of the  skirt that could be secured to two buttons at the hips, pulling the front of the coat away from the front of the legs this was a common style with European army’s at the time. all greatcoats were issued with the Old English Script buttons and the torso lining was made of white natural woollen flannel.

In 1863 it was reported in Virginia after a number of Confederate prisoners had been taken, that “prisoners taken here were better clothed than we had, and that all had been provided with over coats and jackets of better material than our own” and went on to say that “they were all of English make and it was conclusive evidence of successful blockade running”.

Early as 1862 blockade runners were docking with Military Grey Overcoats into Wilmington, February 1863 it was reported that some 8,675 greatcoats had been shipped and 14,250 waiting to be shipped in the London docks, and as late as 1864 shipments of great coats were still being shipped.

 Our Greatcoat is made to order and comes with script I buttons

It also will be warmer than most other greatcoats due to the flannel half lining.

Made of Dark Grey (Richmond Grey) 100% Wool and brass buttons.

Price From: £120.00