Enlisted CS Marine Frock Coat

On the outset of war the CS marine Corps was around 600 enlisted men and officers which consisted of about ten companies throughout the war.

Very little information survives today about the CS marines due to Federal forces burning Richmond in 1865.

Early war marine uniforms were very dysfunctional until early 1862 when a more regulated uniform was issued or at least aboard ship, a surviving frockcoat today shows nine buttons down the front with the letter M.  The collar has dark blue welt trip along the top.

Trousers were of grey or white for tropical deployment.  Kepi was grey with a dark blue band around the bottom and there was no presence of a hat insignia.

The accoutrements were of British influence with the British S belt, the British pattern Ball pouch used as a cap ouch, and the US .58 cartridge pattern box, the bayonet scabbard depended on the model of musket used.

Accoutrements not included.

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