CS Marine Officer Frockcoat c1863

On the outset of the war the CS Marines that had defected to the Confederates were still wearing their US Blue uniforms, though by late 1862 Officers were expected to purchase their own uniforms, this officer frock coat is based on 2nd Lt David G Raney Jr CSM

The Regulation frock coat has 14 CS Officers buttons down the front and 3 small on each cuff, the collar and cuffs are dark blue, the rank is 2nd Lt with Austrian knots on the sleeve and single bar on the collar, though by late 1863-64 it was recorded that CS officers had started to wear the Russian knots on their shoulders.

Other uniform clothing and accoutrements worn was either sky blue trousers with a dark blue welt down the seam or white trousers, for tropical deployments,  both were same cut as enlisted mans.  A Kepi was grey with a dark blue centre on top and a dark blue band around the bottom.  The sword belt would have been 2 piece CS Buckle in a Wreath and the M1850 or CS Field and Line Officers Sword


Made out of heavy grey wool, brass buttons, fully lined in cotton

Made to order.

Although the one pictured is for a Leitenant please choose your rank when ordering, Austrian Knots are extra and are listed under the same section in Navy.

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