1875 Cavalry Campaign Hat

The M1875 Regulation campaign hat was issued to Officers and Enlisted men.  This smaller brimmed hat with an arched crown succeeded the M1872 which was often worn like a cockade hat because of its large brim and was eventually replaced due to it in durability.

The new style 1875 hat remained in service until 1885 for Enlisted Men but Officers continued to wear the hat until the turn of the 20 century with a slight modification of ventilation holes punched into the sides of the  crown, cords for Officers remained the same black and gold with acorn ends.

Unfortunately, our hat maker that makes this particular hat is retiring so we are no longer able to source them, we have 1 leftr an XXL.  Once these have gone we cannot supply them anymore as we cannot find any supplier in the world who makes them.


Price: £70.00