Soiled Doves Cabinet CDV’s style photo cards

First introduced around 1860 and later adapted for portraits with photographers like the famous Civil War photographer Mathew Brady who produced portraits under the name of Carte-de-Visite and with a new invention everything that could be photographed was photographed especially the art form of the pose of the female figure.

 Some civil war soldiers were known to carry some of these risky cards though like dice along with playing cards were often discarded before the soldier went into battle, so if he fell his kin folk would not find these on him and would think that had lived a life of ill repute.

The cards reached their popularity around the 1880s and thought to of gained their name due to the fact they were big enough to display on a cabinet.

At the moment these framed pictures are a limited product and have been copied from originals.

The rustic Frame size approximately 5” 1/4” x 7” comes as a set of 10 with a city License signed by Wyatt Earp to run a house of ill repute.

At £2 each is a good deal for a product from the USA

Price: £20.00

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