Bartholomae Canteen M1861

Charles Bartholomae patented his tin filter canteen on July 9th 1861 and soon after supplied on contract to the Federal government some 1,010 thousand canteens though these are thought to have been for field trials. They were also documented as private purchase and probably sold through military suppliers such as Schuyler Hartley & Graham.

The ability to drink clean water must have been a god send but was probably only affordable mostly by officer at the time, there were three spouts the large funnel for pouring water in, the middle spout was for the storage of the charcoal filter and the end spout for drinking out of.


Our copy of the canteen has been made for the reenactor to use in the field and has been made out of stainless steel there is no filter as there has been none that has survived the ravages of time it also comes with an adjustable leather strap and cover.

Please be aware that the funnel filler may be vulnerable as Im sure it was back in the day.

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